The Streets

Fri, 11/08/2013 - 17:21 -- Lady_UK


Laughter on the faces of the young kids; I get so caught up in the rapture of the sudden Bang! The silent pauses like in the halls. The screams of tearer as the rock is thrown and you hear the bone shatters as the blood splatters across the ground.You run in fear cause the sound of the sirens are getting near. You can hear your heart beat in your ear as tears begin to appear. Then BANG! You stop to only find blood everywhere. You hold your side as you fall to the ground BANG! All sudden your life flashes before your eyes you can no longer cry but when you think its all over for you hear people running to you, holding you, trying to revive you. As you say in your mind and ask is this my time? On your last breath you are now alive

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