My worlds falling apart 
It seems like its going to cave in on me
I feel the pressure
I fall to my knees 
I get ready to break under everything 
I yell one more time 
This time to Jesus
Suddenly I feel the pressure leaving 
I feel everything lifted away 
I look up and see hands 
Lifting my world up 
I hear a booming voice say 
"Don't worry my child, 
I am here to be your strength,
I hear your cry and I will be your rock."
I looked upon Jesus and ran to his arms 
I then realized how lost I was without him 
How my life was nothing without him 
How hopeless I was without him 
He looks at me & says
"My dear child, I have been waiting 
for you. You see, you've always needed me. 
I've alway loved you endlessly, 
I was just waiting until you realized 
you need me." 
I double over crying with Jesus right there 
& he lifts me up and says 
"I will be here for you my child 
& I'll show you the way"
I then realized 
He's my rock & my shoulder
But most of all he's my strength. 
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