Sun, 09/27/2015 - 18:46 -- dahana

I have been to so much in my life when i start high school my mother went to the doctor cause she was having a bad headache she couldnt take it no  more but when we get to the hospital the do some test for her . Ant the doctor went and talk to my dad when he called him and went and talk at the office so i was haer droping thats wen he say my mother hvae brain cancer it wasnt easy for me to leave  with my mother cancer and i hvae to be with her every second at the age of 17 my father quit me out on the house i went to house to house so wen people and the family get tire of me the quit me out i dint have no body even my own shadow left me heging without even give me a hand up so i have a boyfriend before all that thing happen when i called him and say my mother have cancer and i get keep out  on jun 3 he told me i dont feel the felling no more it was alot i was by myselt i wanted to give up and life and everything but i renmen my mom always  to be make a plan every time you want to give up remember why you even started thats a part of my life .

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