The Struggle of Life.

God grant me wings, teach me how to fly, show me how to wipe away there tears and throw the struggle to the side. Im glad to be alive, I strive for life and sacrifice to make it right. Parent at a young age, full of depression and rage, feeling like I'm trapped within a cage, the struggle of life has got me played. Life, home of free, home of brave, but we are treated like we are slaves. Citizens don't know how to behave, most people just give in to the struggle and cave. I live for my children, a better life for them than what I've had, forgetting all the bad and letting go of all the sad. I don't need to pretend, that life can only depend on what you make of it til the very end. The struggle of life, is a struggle and we only can pass through it with eachother.



The poem is just a short way of saying the problems with people today and life.


The poem is a short way of saying life is a struggle.

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