Stuck in a box

Sun, 10/21/2018 - 10:08 -- Rankin

I’m stuck in a box, alone and afraid.

Growing smaller and smaller with each passing day.

An item here and an item there,

All destined to be removed and out of reach.


Voices pass through, but the inner voice does not leave.

My shouting, screaming, and crying all remain within.

A weight in my chest pulls me to the floor,

Not allowing me to reach the key that lies tauntingly above.


The box is slowly closing in, constricting my sight. 

The key has disappeared, erasing all of my might. 

With all items out of reach and the key having left, I curled in on myself, deciding upon my last breath.


A crack appeared in the wall, a light shining through,

Those lines growing bigger and bigger, and a hand pops in too.

I move towards the hand, reaching out with my own,

A rush of feelings pour through, and the wall starts crumbling down.


You entered my tiny box, and greeted me with a hug.

You gave me a shoulder to cry on, and an ear to listen to my shouts.

Everything I had to say was listened to, my feelings pouring out. 

You could have pushed me away, but instead you embraced me in your arms.


My box grows brighter and brighter with new emotions flooding in.

Old feelings long gone now bubbling up from within.

You held me in your arms, and made me feel loved,

You understood my problems, and made everything feel okay. 

Your words gave me hope, and your smile gave me strength. 

You made me feel like my existence had worth to it again.


We continued to talk, and more feelings arose.

Together we decided that we would no longer be alone.

You’re an amazing person, someone who truly deserves better, 

But in the end you chose me, so for that I am forever thankful.


Please stay by my side, and I will always stay by yours.

I need you in my life, no matter what anyone says.

Alone I am weak, but with you I am strong,

We can overcome anything, being next to each other through all.


Stay by my side through the thick and thin,

Cry on my shoulder when something is wrong on you are in pain.

My shoulder is your shoulder, and your shoulder is mine.

We can rely on each other each and every time.

I love you.

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