Wed, 03/06/2019 - 23:23 -- Ekitz

When does change begin?

‘Cause the sunset light resting on my skin
Says that the day has ended
But I tell you, I’m suspended
In time
And times like these are rendering
Me to finally stop pretending
And quietly slip away

I know when forests burn
Below the ground they wait to return
The sun will set then rise again
Until a new day declares their birth yet again

There is a forest in my mind
Where I seek you and I find
Through messages you give to me
That you want to set me free
And I believe

The trees embrace every word in their branches
And your breath orchestrates their dances
All of our conversations dwell there
Hanging heavy yet gentle like mist in the air

I’m so sorry, but sometimes I hold a match to it

(to see if you’ll make it grow back stronger)

I admit

I don’t know why I feel like I should test your every word
Of course, I don’t completely mistrust you, but haven’t you heard?
My fears of every tomorrow
Are the decorations on the armor around my torso
Behind my torso is my heart
Blind and scared and torn apart


How long will this go on?
Until a new day will finally dawn?
I’m desperate for things to change for the better
But I’m tested in faith and still a fretter
I’m scared of the things unknown and not understood
Despite the fact that I know you are good

Help me to open my eyes and help me to see
I just want to know that wherever you take me
There you will also be
I’m tired of being afraid, this is my plea
I want to be set free

And now, here I am.

I am desperately awaiting your response
Awaiting the return of every tree

Because I know you hear me.

Can you hear me?

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