She just suffocates.
Her words try to escape her lips but still she suffocates.
She opens her eyes, hoping that maybe one day something or someone will notice the frowning look up on her face.
But nothing. She still suffocates. 
All of this built up energy gone to waist,
Being turned into worries. 
She begins to lose her identity and she silently screams, “who is this person within me?”
Trading her morals and values for a little piece of cloud nine, she begins to find herself fading.
Fading into the background is what she soon did.
Faded was a feeling that she became familiar with.
Lost in her thoughts, she drifted away.
Why couldn’t she just open her mouth and say what she needed to say? 
She could easily pray but yet
she chose to just suffocate.
Is it actually her fault when it all comes down to it?
She screamed for help but no one chose to listen.
It was silent, but she screamed… Wasn’t that good enough?
Now it is too late.
She rests in peace as she no longer has to suffocate. 


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