Suicidal Part 2

The cold December winds charge at my tear ridden face

As the life that’s left within my eyes gazes up at the grey clouds

I then glance downwards at the many diverse vehicles hurrily traveling to their destination and the small dots of people strolling around the city

I look back up staring at God, with more tears shedding down my face

I mouth an apology to Him for being such a failure and slowly descend off the work building

As I fall, the world slows down around me

Memories of my life seem to flash through my head one last time

But what good is it for now, my life is over

I failed everyone and my continued existence was nothing but pure luck

The pavement comes closer and closer and my eyes close, as I come to death with open arms to embrace what’ll become of me

Finally, the darkness ensues as the faint sound of screams are quickly shut away

No point of return, I pay for my sins..forgive me God

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The best part about writing poetry is when you get to free yourself in the story, I don't know who you are, but I ask that you hold on no matter what. there's so much to experience in life in spite of the situation. you still have history waiting on your finger to be placed on it. KEEP WRITING!!!

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