SunK, WortHLesS, aNd BrokEN.

Such ambitions flow like seas of oceans,

Flourishing like Beebalm's temptation.

Degrading the captor with held potions,

Lathering it with constant damnation.

It's slowly sufficationg its airways, 

Never letting it go till it has fed.

Keeping it cold, hopeless within a daze.

Beauty stiffens its hold on the being,

encouraging it to struggle and fight.

Weighing 'gainst the strength of the bee fleeing,

swallowing its soul, corrupting its sight.

A ne'er endless war, the beauty is vague.

Death comes for thee. Insanity, a plague.


sPoKEn,FeLt ,hUrt BY: NYAla BRANCh

This poem is about: 
Our world
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