Sunset in the Morning

Tomorrow, lets do it tomorrow.

I cant bare another day of listening to those morons babble about things i swear didn't matter.

what girls they hit the chicks they flipped and the kicks they get. im cool chillin in the background 

flowin with the summer breeze im summer free. surrounded by plenty friends plus my family. My

doubts are none unless your the rev then i doubt you run. words hitting ear drums peirce like 

bullets and my mouths the gun only way to stop the killing is cut out my tongue. shining so bright i

could whipe out the sun. forgot my verbal can still hurt you when i surf this these channels hope

im not getting commercialed. my individuality's a vrtue what goes around comes back around

full circle. Life, kind of like watchin a tornado fly towards you because ready or not here it

comes.there's no controlling the wrath. but unlike that tornado; your life, your controlling its path. 

you can study hard, get good grades or ditch and skip class. all determined by you and you solely

neither drugs, friends, or sex can control me. Im here to learn and earn a degree. fighting Mean

and fighting green for family at UNT.



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