Super Suit

Throw me my cape
So I can destroy my alias
I wanna become environment and far far far from alien.
They had a big idea, that I couldn't have no big ideas.
So I condemned my originality before they ever could.
Ion got no herocisism it's all just stoicism.
Fake capes and superhero alter egos, all so that I may save myself.
I wanna be filthy rich so that I can bathe in my wealth.
I wanna sing along and become as typical as the anthems
Never to be contrary to my companions.
Somebody hand me my cape
So I can be everything but myself.
Cuz I gotta be everything but myself.
Somebody hand me my cape
Then Buy me them ones
Load me that gun
Hand me that product
Hand me that blunt
Hand me downs all yo possessions
Pass me that chain
Run me yo wallet
Everything in yo pockets
Give me your politics
Tell me yo business
Run a mask across my face
And then hand me my cape.
So that I can be everything but myself and fly away.

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