To some it was easy,

we ran through the maze. 

For us it was easy,

as we left behind the haze. 


We kept up with the pack,

and ran with the crowd. 

We never looked back,

never saw the cloud. 


The cloud that existed,

was thick for some friends. 

They didn’t fit in,

and couldn’t see the end.


I slowed up my pace,

took time to look around. 

I saw that some comrades,

had been viciously knocked down. 


I turned and went back,

and offered my hand. 

The group I had been with,

told me this was all planned. 


The feeble, the slowest, 

the quiet, the weak,

had been purposefully tripped,

and stomped by their feet. 


So I gave them my strength,

and showed them the way. 

They picked themselves up,

and kept the bullies at bay.


I now go through my life,

slow enough to see. 

I provide support,

for those different than me.  


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