They say no filter 

I say why not
Because with the same tongue they ridicule special effects 
They claim that specialness is derived from within 
Crying out that likes don't define my true beauty 
But they still won't follow back
But will follow that trend 
Hashtag beauty may come from within but to be aesthetically blessed is to be truly worth commending
Pardon my defining of my existence by the amount of likes under my pictures
But as far as I'm concerned I was never taught another definition 
I've gotten to the point where the emojis are keeping me going 
Because if no one is commenting "wow you're perfect"
Then it's time to delete, update or try another angle
Because something must be wrong 
Stringing me along 
Keep my heart going with your double tap 
Thump thump 
While I cling tight to the dwindling thread of my existence 
I'm on "like-support"
What if I told you that was the old me?
That I've found something within that no longer allows for me to be defined by popularity 
That a flower bloomed from the cracks of a computer screen
Through broken glass I began to see 
Clearly the Wi-Fi wasn't strong enough to empower 
So I cut off its power to consume my mind
My time was no longer wasted 
Because I became captivated 
By an individual 
That is much more beautiful 
Than can be expressed by the quantity of likes under a pic
And I realized that the selfie I posted 
Is much greater than the attention it gets
That a friendship should be mutual 
Quantity over quality, because what do followers hiding behind their phones truly mean
It's okay to follow back, and take the time to appreciate people's pictures
I know that my worth far exceeds the fame value of my account 
So I mustered up enough courage to log out 
Pull the plug
Cut the connection 
Because I much rather die than be put back on "like-support" 
This poem is about: 
Our world



Powerful !!


Thank you so much ☺️


river of emotions !! deep inside, I found it useful.. Fight Club Jacket

T. Talbott

Really good.

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