Sweet Melody

what sweet melody is your love song
I step into its dance
you pull my weary heart along
we swing and sway in tender trance
what is right, what is wrong
fades as you take stance
inviting hands, soft and strong
with promise of romance
your mimicked stride, so smooth and long
my steps choppy, they follow chance
knowing this is where they belong
with your embracing smile, unwavering glance



Thank you for your thoughts! Rhyming can be difficult for me because I tend to lean toward free verse, but I have a friend that always writes in the abab form and I was inspired and challenged by him. As for the punctuation, sometimes I prefer to leave it out to create a sense of less formality. I think it can attribute to a more "whimsical" mood -- if that's the right word. I realize that some people prefer more precise punctuation though.

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