Sweet turns to Sour

Creeping from the depths of its evil thrown,

A disease, uncontrolled,

Leaving its victims all alone,

Never sleeping,

Hears the weeping,

Of those he mangles in a dark unknown.


He pours his soul in a glass,

Gives to you as you pass,

Slowly sipping your life away,

Never looking back today,

Enslaved, encircled, by a beast,

A servant, serving unknowingly,

Staggering as you tread,

Falling misled,

Shattering on the floor was the glass,

But what was wine is acid instead.


Putting an evil idea in one’s head,

Promises power if its spread,

Once it’s spread with fake assurance,

No one can stop his presence in their minds,

Planted a seed to get a thorny bush,

Now no one can escape his power, it only took a push.


Death always lurking,

Never shirking in its evil goal,

With the help of other he raises the toll,

But all in fine,

Will never shine,

As great as this evil beast,

His power not limited,

To one simple, quick method,

But always brings a pain,

Worse that any death will bring,

Fans of terror,

Claws that grip; constricting with no intention of letting go,

This is a testament of his power.


Feeding off the human soul,

Ceasing to strive on its own,

Once it’s done,

It finds one,

To manipulate and control.


How so simple a design,

Could cause such a fright,

Couldn’t show,

Never know,

What would destroy such a light?

This monster uncontrolled,

Finds himself in the human soul,

Overlooked and underestimated,

Finds himself in the hearts of man


Enters minds undetected,

Showing pleasure but unelected,

To stand and show what is not,

But soon gains favors of the victims caught,

Bringing many to his bidding,

His will obeyed or you were slayed,

Corruption spreading,

Power he is gaining,

Pleasure becomes displeasuring,

To those enslaved, but they are controlled unable to stop the monster,

Sweetness turns to sour.









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