Take it

When I was five years old, I thought I was a boy

Growing up with guys all my life, I felt like I was one of them

Playing football, hockey, all sports that boy dominated over

My mom used to always tell me “one day, you’ll finally understand who you truly are” 

That stuck with me

Grade 5, I had my first crush, mind you it was a girl

I had no idea who or what I was

Had my first kiss with a girl 

Grade 6 finally coming out to my parents

Grade 7 getting made fun of

Suicidal thought rushing through my head 

Therapy for two long years 

Getting worse with each session 

Grade 8, taking my girlfriend to formal

Worse time of my life 

Two weeks after, we went to hers

Had a pretty good time, she ditched me

I made some new friends 

Two days after her formal, I started to be confused about my sexuality 

So I ended my relationship so I could finally find myself again 

A year later, grade 9 wanting her back

She moved

Miles away

Crying each night 

Praying she would come back 

She never did....

I got over her but I still reminisce over the time I had with her

Seeing her face light up like the sun 

Holding her hand as if it was the last 

You know, if I could go back and change one thing about those times, it would be leaving her

She was the best thing to happen to me


Grade 10 finally got over her completely

I’ve forgotten her name

But some nights I lie in bed 



Does she remember me?

You, you watching this, don’t delay

Make the most outta life 

Try to make everyday worth wild 

Cause one day 

It might all be over 

Laying in your grave in guilt

Cause you didn’t take a chance 

Don’t be like me 

I’m only 16 years old 

And I missed my chance 

Take it 



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I felt like this needed to be said. When writing this, I was thinking about my past life and remembering all the good times I had. And then all the times I didn’t take the chance. 

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