A Tale of Two Hearts


Everything you do, I'm right there

Just know that I love you,

Please wake me from this nightmare

I'm always thinking of you,

You can't see me, but I'm right here

Ever since you went away.

Transparent, in the night air.

Nothing much to live for,

I'm still beside you, but you can't see;

Close my eyes and wish for,

I know you want it back, but it can't be;

Just to have you one more day.

I'm afraid the darkness now has me,

Nothing is the same now,

Just try to live on and be happy.

All I feel is pain now,

Fading away and everything turns dark,

I will never be the same.

Going away to a place so far;

Always have the same frown,

Leaving you now, we must be apart,

All I do is break down,

But I'll go on living in your heart.

Every time I hear your name.


Maybe I will see you again.

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