The Tales you didn't tell me!

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 07:52 -- schampe


For years and years I sit and I learn. About the stories of our past but the real stories I yearn. I hear of an America that is powerful and great. But I don't hear about the America,  our state, the Hate! We pretend to be a super power, relishing in what's seen. But I hear of the poor cities, the gunning, the fleeing. Why do you choose to skim the truth and then release us into the world unprepared, still a youth. Tell me the facts, all of  them don't omit. Then I will be prepared for life, and challenges. I won't quit. We are the next generation, expectation is high, but we are not ready to take that leap and fly. Explain to us, the hate, the pain, suffering and shame. Then tell us about the opportunities for us so we can make a change. Don't skirt around the facts, making us look better than some. Speak to us the atrocities so we can know how far we have come.


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