Targets of Society- free style

Fri, 01/30/2015 - 05:17 -- Marcuz


You’re ugly! You shouldn’t believe in that. You’re fat!

You’re nerd! You dress like a hoe.

You’re gay well then you’re a fag! You’ll never be cool.

You’ll never have friends because you’re weird


You’re a girl that likes sports,

That’s too manly go back to watching “Gossip Girl”.

You’re a guy that likes ballet,

That’s gay go back to WWE.


You’re apart of a society filled with stereotypical assumptions.

They tell you “how to be male or female”

You can even be a target for reasons beyond your control

Realize you’re in a society filled with free speech, there’s no filter for what people could say.


Well to Hell with that!

You’re beautiful, amazing and perfect as you are.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re below the bar

You’re a piece of art that can be compared to Van Gogh.

The only opinion that should matter is your own.


Ignore the social media and society’s ideologies of “perfect”

You ARE perfect as you are like a rising star.

Just believe in who you are and you’ll go far.

All of this negativity will only give you battle scars.


All I see is uniqueness in this dark place

I can see the light in your eyes,

The brightness exploding from your face.

You will never be a disgrace


If you love yourself and won’t let this world get to you,

The only thing people will see is elegance and grace.

Just remember, be who you are

And you’ll go far.


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