Teach me About Relationships

Thu, 12/05/2013 - 23:32 -- emsjjs



Dear Teacher,


Of all the subjects taught in school,

I think learning about relationships would’ve been pretty cool.

Maybe if I had learned about all the bad qualities to avoid,

I would have actually had a relationship that I enjoyed.

Relationships on TV are superficial and fake.

But that’s what students copy, and that’s a mistake.

These social connections form and break, EVERY single day.

It would’ve been a little bit helpful if you had something to say.


Teach me to avoid the angry psychos who, at first, seem so appealing,

And maybe I wouldn’t have all these bruises that still need healing.

Teach me about trust, respect, space, and honesty.

Not to date to someone who constantly argues - we could never agree.

Teach me “No, stop, use a condom before we do that,”

Instead of all this “abstinence-only” chit chat.

Taking one semester of health class is simply not enough.

We need to learn about people, interactions, diseases and stuff.


This all may seem silly, because my parent should have told me all that.

But you might be the closest thing to a parent that a student has ever had.

If you want us to succeed, teach us some of the important things in life.

With the past experience I’ve had, I don’t think I’ll ever become a wife.


Thank you.


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