To the Teacher Who Came in Late


To the


Who came in

Ten minutes late to first period

Because your car

Broke down. Whose lesson plan is a last minute mess because

You recently found out your husband is cheating.

Because you had to juggle taking care of your own children and coming up

With new ways to teach someone else's.

To the teacher who is tired

Of it all.

Of the low pay and the crazy hours

Of staying up late grading papers, and waking up at the crack of dawn

So you can come in early and prepare for the day.

Then, the kids file in

And after all that hard work and those sleepless nights by your desk

They are uninterested.


They chatter and gossip and look the other way

And one even has the nerve to say;

"Are you done yet?"

And you can't think of anything to say to

That one student's lip-glossed smile.

Defeated, you give up 

And slump back into your chair,

Entirely disheveled. Hair a mess,

Clothes mismatched

And wearing two left-shoes.

It's the end of the day and all you want to do is

Put your head in your hands and cry.

To that teacher

You are strong, you are inspiring,


make a difference.

And one thing I've always wanted to say

Is thank you.





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