Ten Horrible Truths

1. The left side of my face has more freckles than my right side. 

2. The world I live in is different now, the colors are starting to come back.

3. I never learned your favorite color.

4. I have a bad habit of picking my lips when I’m stressed out.

5. I’ve picked at my lips a lot recently, I want you to be okay.

6. I fear I won’t amount to much - my talents are inadequate.

7. I have a hard time letting go.

8. I think you let me go.

9. I don’t want you to let me go.

10. Refer to seven.

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you know, i don't think this should be called ten horrible truths. these aren't bad things, they are just who you are. 


I can definitely see where you are coming from.

I suppose I decided to call this "Ten Horrible Truths" because to me they seemed horrible, scary. I was unable to properly portray that in this piece. 

I wrote this because I felt inadequte, foolish - I was lacking self worth. All of the things I listed scared me and they seemed so horrible. It strange how hard times warp your perception of the world and the way you view your self. 

Thank you for your comment. :) I for sure have thought about renaming it to something else.

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