Ten Shades of Bae

To the bro who wants to be with Bae,

Take heed of the things I am about to convey

About the girl who will change the world someday.


I must say, TENderness is one of her finest qualities.

Strong-willed yet gentle, she is vacant of all idiosyncrasies.

To put it simply, she is truly beNINE.

Bro, she is exceptionally kind.


An IQ test cannot measure her intellect.

She is smart yet humble in every aspect.

If sadness is a disease, then her smile is the cure.

Earth would be a better place if more people were like her.


Seeing Bae convinced me that there is a God,

For no accident could have creEIGHTed such a beauty.


Her gaze is more enchanted than the lucky number SEVEN.

Her touch sends electricity straight through my melanin.

SIX short seconds with her feels like an eternity.

On a scale of 1 to 10 she is definitely infinity.


It breaks my heart to see Bae upset or in pain.

To tell you the truth, it drives me insane,

And I can tell from the look in your eyes that you feel the same way.


FIVE times people have paired me with Bae,

And not once did it feel okay.

I decided that she dare not be mine,

For fear of tainting her with my filthy grime.

To be honest, I am not even worth her time.

My awareness of this instilled in me cowardice.


I decided that I was not fit to be her man,

so as if I were fleeing a nuclear crisis, Iran.

You can call me a wuss, a wimp, or even a coward,

But me with her would probably turn sour.

Even so bro, she is in my thoughts every hour.


BAE, in the fewest words, is BeFOUR Anyone Else.

I know you will agree if you are honest with yourself.

I pray for Bae THREE times a day.

Again, take heed to what I have conveyed.

I treasure her dark chocolate hair and compassionate stare.

The sight of her leaves me gasping for air.


You see, so prominent are my many flaws,

That the grooves of her slender hands do not fit in my calloused paws.

In spite of this, I have come to see

That she brings out the king in me.


Her spirit, no one can sever.

She is the reminder that I can be better.

My knack for math tells me that...

She was my other half, my better half.


Her voice is a sweet melody TWO my ears

And a soothing remedy for all my fears.

Bae’s heart of gold should not be broken.

It is far more precious than a disposable token.


I often recall the sculpted shape of her lips,

Oh the thought of those lips.

If only you knew how I cherish those lips!


I may appear weird, or deranged.

Bae's effect on me is quite strange,

And I can tell from the look in your eyes that you feel the same way.


I once thought that of all bros, for her there were none.

But I have realized that you might be the ONE.


The last words that I must say

To the bro who wants to be with Bae…


Be by her side through thick and thin.

Do not commit the same sins I did.

I know that girl will change the earth,

But do not let the earth change her worth.

Make sure her pretty lips never quiver

And that her heart of gold never withers.

See to it that her dark chocolate hair never grays

And that her kindness never fades.


See what I should have seen.

Be what I could not be.


Love Bae and treat her well so I can say farewell to a priceless pearl,

The only girl who has ever mattered to a tattered wretch like me.


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