Rarely do the questions pass the ears in its rawest form

Possibly to find its home shaken before it even decides to leave

The mind, the signs, and the sighs of relief

Ties on the tree, trying to turn what's natural into a formal treaty



Second pass to the side that heavy guessed it, a wrong decision with the right idea

Time deciever, a sight that beholds ah

Is it just to say that I'm attempting a movement?

Or is it safe to stay in the past with less groove and step?

A test of the pests to see who gets the first quest to step on the steps and take its last breath

A mess that is left to check on it like blood tests that only resemble the latest idea and beliefs of the traveling pest

Sit there chewing gum of the mint flavor

As the moon shines into my eyes and heart with refreshments I can truly savor.


-WordPlay Jr.

O.P.B. Jr.


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