thank you

You didn't force me,

you allowed me

to be me.

You loved me

for who I was

and so on that night

I didn't cry,

I didn't rage.

I held your hand

and stood by your side

and it was enough.

I choked back my sobs

and held your hand tight

as you always did for me.


Your love was an angel that watched over me.

The kind of love we had

was the one where I would have gave you everything

but knew

that you'd never ask that of me

because you loved me too.


Your hands became colder

and as the days went by,

your hands went away,

but our love is now bolder


even though we are galaxies away

even though I hold someone else's hand

your love is in my heart

forever and ever.


and on the darkest days

or the happiest nights

you are always with me.


Our time was not all sunshine

but you respected me all the time

I was my own person and so were you,

we had a bond and a commitment


even on the nights we didn't want to talk

but we did

and fit all the pieces

we thought we'd never get.


You made me a better person

You let me grow

You let me be me

and so I thank you

for always loving me as I loved you.


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