Wake in the morning opening my eyelids to gaze my room's white yet colorful wall

begin to hear the chatters

the voice of my mother's

ordinary mother she ordinary is

she embraces, she breaths, she glares, she listens and she cares

life she induces and life induces her

I notice her struggles as if I notice her soul

She had me as a daughter her only daugther

find myself being the only female in the family

finds myself as an individual

my heart carries the structures of my three brothers

like how the air carries the leafs in the fall

my mindset is to help my brothers

my mindset is to help my mother

pain they feel and pain they felt

my mother's absence of their loneliness

setting apart that I am still young and careless

and start setting my love into substituting my mother's job

cry they exclaim for help

cry they exclaim for attention

I am there 

I am here

leaving them and their anxiety asleep

brothers need me

mother needs me

for now my life depends in the one above

give me strength 

give me gratitude

for I shall remain alive for my loved ones

my appearance is not dependent towards my beauty

the real beauty is based on my determination

convert my brother's life into my life

convert my mother's life into my life

Their weakness is my weakness

Their strengths are my strengths

Stop this 

Stop that 

stops with all these insecurities

shameful waste of time

start worrying about others

start thinking positive for others

start being though for others

There they are

standing forefront of you beheld towards you

whatever path you ensue

they ensue

develop assigning tremendous examples 

instead of baneful examples

There they are 

They look upon you 

begin immediacy or begin never

My affection for my family 

is the love that makes me






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