When all is swell,

When the river of life flows well,

When one vibrates in resonance with soulful bells,

When one is high in spirits,

When those all around are dearest,

When invincibility is skin,

When one eagerly waits for the day to begin,

When, suddenly, curtains to soul's window shut close,

When friends become foes,

When one loses sense of direction,

When one searches for solutions but finds no correction,

When all one feels is doubt,

When negative thoughts like weeds sprout,

When once-illuminous lights black out,

When one does not know how to go about,

When times seems worthless, when so vast the darkness,

When vigor and determination follow emptiness...

Then, out of the empty well, hopes rises!

Then, human spirit infinite one realizes!

Defining times are one's darkest hours.

These are just moments that test one's inner power.

Everything - it is alright in the end,

If it's not alright, then it's not the end. 




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