things i do not know

In my dreams, i see faces. I hear voices. In my life, I dont understand them.

In my dreams, I see us. I hear your voice. In my life, I dont know who you are. 

I dream of lips ill never feel and hands that will never touch my body. I hear the laugh that sounds like heaven breaking through the clouds and eyes that look like home. I dream of your arms reaching out and your smile thats contagious. 

And then the alarm slaps me in the face, telling me to forget. But i cannot forget. The boy i saw in that dream haunts me. I see his familiar face everywhere. But yet, I do not know who you are. Youre a mystery i need to solve, an answer i must seek. 

Some call me crazy; Im just a girl obsessed with the closest she ever got to love, even if it was only for a few moments while i slept. 

There are things i do not know in life, and the biggest one is you. 

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