Things I've Never Done and Never Will


I cannot hear your saddened cries.

On the salted wounds of withering souls, 

I grow my flowers.

In fear of carrying on in my own fears,

I set my soul aflame.

Dancing on mystical waters,

I feel your touch, even within me.

Inside me I even feel as if I am a solar system, 

Within a dying body.

When it dies I hope you will take all my stars.

Please tell me that you will.

I will not hear your saddened cries.

Whatever death is, 

I have understood,

All things shall come to pass.

Until then, beneath my skin in the simplest nightmares,

I shall dance on mystic waters knowing,

You will awaken me .

I will remember you,

I will remember you, but I’ll never hear you cry.

I will always remember your smile, your laugh,

And while it seems unbearable

I can’t…

I cannot hear your saddened cries, because I refuse to

Lose you.


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