Think more of being a wholesome maiden, less so on being the maidenhead control-freak!

By Stanley Collymore


You say that you’re blasé about sex and can either

take it or leave it, but if your claim oft repeated,

forcefully stated but, crucially, never ever

prompted by contradictions from or

the actions of anyone, has any

credibility to it why then do

you keep bringing the subject up,

and furthermore so repetitively

when quite obviously your

personal actions on this

matter, I must say,

distinctly convey

a completely

different picture altogether? Look, you don’t

have to obfuscate about nor justify your

sexual feelings, and there’s certainly

no need to clarify them to anyone

whatsoever; unless, of course,

you’re actually planning

on engaging in a regular sexual tryst or

a committed personal relationship

with some individual whom

you greatly desire and

therefore envisage

to be your



© Stanley V. Collymore

16 October 2014.



Authors Remarks:

Having sex, whatever species the participants belong to, is an activity as old as the proverbial hills, deeply meshed in the enduring annals of time and was meant to be every bit as pleasurable as satisfyingly being a core element in the process of procreation. So bearing that in mind one would have thought that human beings, who sanctimoniously and even hubristically arrogate to themselves a ludicrous superiority over all other animals and creatures living in our mutual home planet Earth, would not only have recognized the aforementioned facts but likewise fully accepted them.

Regrettably, however, many humans haven’t; continue to make a real pig’s ear out of something essentially very beautiful and touching in its reciprocal execution; and narcissistically, as well, rather than nurture inborn and artless sexual intercourse and its associated activities, both prior to and after the act, as the endemically and enlivening personal exposition of one’s self as well as one’s innermost feelings, as these developments rightfully are; instead asininely turn them into the scary nightmare that perversely they seemingly get considerable pleasure and, incredibly, a great deal of inner comfort from doing so.

So lighten up you uninitiated ladies! And in the process of doing so, think more of being a wholesome and worthy maiden and less so on being a maidenhead control-freak!


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