Third Time's The Charm

They say good things come in 3’s.

I remembered that sentiment as I dug into my skin 3 times.

In my 3rd attempt to be closer to God, I tried to out do Moses.

“I already have the blood!!” I told God

“Now watch me create the rivers!!”

I forgot, for 3 seconds, that Moses had parted the Red Sea:

That I would have to do 3 times better.


They say good things come in 3’s.

But nothing good ever happens in the morning at 3.

By my 3rd day without sleep,

I was fully prepared to confess my love to you.

3 years something had been forming between us

But I was not willing to have that talk with my parent’s a 3rd time.

So I wrote you 3 letters but sent one.


They say good things come in 3’s.

Like that time it rained 3 days straight

And I didn’t sleep for those 3 nights

Because you were on my mind.

So I wrote you 3 letters

But only sent one.

Because the other two were stained.

Stained with the crimson blood from the 3 rivers,

The ones I had created trying to outshine Moses,

All the while knowing that Moses was my closest path to God.


I prayed, hoping that God would hear my cries and help me,

Help me from making this mistake for a 3rd time.


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