Those Who Follow in These Footsteps


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In my hand I hold a quill,
Lush ideas it will spill,
On canvas and paper to send a thrill,
Of art and literature to instill,
The minds of many, all who still
Follow in these footsteps.

In my hand I hold a sword,
Of solemn grace and spoken word,
With rhyme and reason strike a chord,
Present ideas to be explored,
Enlighten, brighten and reward,
Those who follow in these footsteps.

In my hand I grasp a shield,
All my courage it shall yield,
To spread the knowledge that I wield,
Until the minds of all are healed,
From lies and fictions once concealed,
And once my wisdom has been revealed,
I pass the torch to those who follow in these footsteps.

Not another day goes by,
Without me glancing at the sky,
And letting my ideas fly,
Words rushing out with no goodbye,
They will always be inside,
And never, ever hide
As they take along with them, worldwide,
A message
That I still follow in these footsteps.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

words inspire knowledge

you connected words with ideas and metaphors to something meaningful

great poem


that was dope!!


Wonderful, creative and inspirational all wrapped up beautifully! 

Keep on writing!


Wow. That is all I can say!


Wow! The pen is surely mightier than the sword!!


Beautiful! I loved the metaphor for inspiration and how words have power! :)


nice! well done i love how its written i wish i had written it myself

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