I'm probably want to be engulfed entirely

By the darkness and lose all means of light that surround me.

Maybe I was already swallowed by the dark  and just choose to live in the light.

Maybe I thought humanity would have learned

To accept their own people.

That no matter what appearance I had, I would be the same as anyone else around me.

Maybe my thoughts really didn't matter; they’ve never really been voiced out

Because I worried that my thoughts would consume those around me

And they’ll find out how “different” I am.

That’s right, I’m different; not the good kind of different because society placed that on me.

I’m labeled as stuck up, anti-social, unexpressive,  

Not as stunning as all the other mixed children that are out there

Or not a good enough example of the ones I’m supposed to "represent".

Maybe I'm just not supposed to be here; I don't belong.

I'm nothing, an empty vessel with a restless soul inside.

Maybe I’m not the one that is needed

Given the fact that my sole existence is a taboo, unwanted, undesired.

I am as insignificant as the wind

But maybe my part of existence is to become that gust blowing though the tress, passing every

soul, every human, every being, so that I too may belong in this world of humanity.

That maybe, just maybe my purpose is as great and amazing than what I initially thought.

Or maybe I'm just becoming another lie that is being said

Between two people who just told each other “I love you so much.”

Maybe all of  this was a lie to myself as well...

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