Thoughts to Actions

That camera that you hold

Will not capture my state of mind

Beyond a flash, my thoughts last

And adapt to the times


Outside of a photo

Without filters to make my smile glow

You’ll see me as I am, a man,

With thoughts a mile long


I think about this world

And what I can do in it

Are my possibilities endless

Or will I reach my limit?


I wonder when my people

Will be treated equally

Because they claim that they accept

But disrespect frequently


I think about the way

That my people treat each other

What’s so much more precious than life

As to make me kill my brother?


I hear these degrading phrases

Thrown at our women

How could we do that, look back

Mothers gave us our beginnin’


I hear us complain

About things we don’t have

Same things we don’t work for

Or reach out to grab


I wonder if some things in this world

Will ever change

I hear ideas thrown around

Yet we all remain the same


But if I just sit and think

Then what is wrong with me?

I have to lead, and be the changes

That I want to see


I could sit around and think

Until I grow old

But actions speak louder than words

As I was told

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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