Thoughts From My Mind

There's such a heavy weight

Just sitting on my heart.

Can't explain

Nor describe.


Some people want me to talk

I refuse.

Others want me to feel

Again I refuse.

Afraid of the truth.

If I tell people, will they understand?


I am in love.

With a man, which whom I have been hurt

But still I return to his arms

Wondering why?

Why has my heart choosen him.

A man I'm afraid to hurt

A man who heart

I"m terrified to hole

Yet he has entrusted me with it.


Then there's me

Little 'ol me.

A young woman 

Ready to blossom

Ready to conquer

the world she bulit.


But she wonders,

is the world

ready for her.

Will the world,

Understand who she is?


As she stands here.

Back straight,

head high,

with a wall

she's built against herelf.

Ready to swing the hammer

to release what is beind.


When she does

she still wonders

What will the world say?

Not the old her

For whom they know,

but for the new her

in fromt of them.