Thoughts of You

Sat, 07/08/2017 - 02:32 -- jxxh

I let you inside of my brain,

didn't understand why you caused me pain,

I find myself waking up in the middle of the night,

Trying desperately to feel alright,


There is lead in my bones,

face as colorless as acetone,

Here I lay empty on the inside,

constantly contimplating suicide,


You left me alone here to die, 

seeing the world through bloodshot eyes,

but thoughts of you keep me up at night,

You are as damaging as a meteorite


Twisted lies slide between your teeth,

but is there any truth underneath,

I'm all alone with the silence of my mind,

wondering how I could be so blind,


You're like a ghost that haunts my dreams,

and everything else inbetween,

I don't know how to stay alive,

without the old you by my side,


You're a ghost trapped in my head,

Because at one point in time I was a needle and you were my thread,

Now I am here alone,

trying to take the fabrics we had once sewn,


Deserpately aching to have what we did,

but for now  forbid,

these thoughts of you in my skull,

because out love was superficial,


Everything is said and done, 

But I still see you when I see the sun,

You're a memory I wish was lost at sea,

because you and me were never meant to be.


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