Through the Eyes of.... A Young Boy

Sat, 07/12/2014 - 05:57 -- Milah22


I am a boy, brought into this world
I live in a house which is filled with girls (my sisters)
With no father around to guide me to see
The man that I was never taught to be
He abandoned us for drugs and I pretend I don't care
Even though deep down inside, I wish he were there
I am the last edition to the family picture
I must grow into a man, but the child inside still whimpers
I must learn from my mistakes to better myself
Because of course he's not there when I really need his help
I'd like to thank my mom for doing what she can
But there is no way a woman can teach a boy to be a man
I've learned to be tough, as solid as a rock
And to be everything my father was not
I cannot let this pain define my life
I must move on without thinking twice
I forgave you father, long ago
But you've caused much grief, I thought you should know
Somewhere in the pit at the bottom of my heart
There lies a place for you to begin your new start


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