Through the Lens


United States
Outspoken by the world, a young girl lives
Trapped inside a shell with locked lips
Filled with trepidation of the outside world
She only lives online in her video clips
Her channel isn’t popular, almost zero views
After all, no one wants to hear another’s blues
In these clips she speaks of dreams she dares not fulfill
She speaks of feelings that she dares not feel
Her views on love are told with ease
Softly speaking, she tells of hurt
She speaks of how the others tease
She tells of how no one flirts
She smiles in some, and laughs in others
Sometimes she just converses with herself
Through the lens of the camera
She finally sees how to help herself
Looking as if with other eyes she glimpses in the mirror
And, for once, she isn’t afraid of what’s there
She walks into school the next day with head held high
She raises her hand in class, and the teacher’s eyes became wide
She now speaks boldly to her classmates
Tells them of things she adores
And all from talking to a camera
She’s the girl no one loves no more


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