Through the Studio Glass


Click click click

I hear my keyboard keys tick

And watch a funny, blonde man in the glass booth in front of me.

His headphones hanging from his neck

His voice mimicing a nervous wreck

To fit the character animation on the screen.


Click click click

As my fingers fly quick

To fit the blonde man's voice with the mouth of the cartoon.

I hear a silly cry

As both of us simultaneously sigh

From all the laughter of the humor of the mood.


I content myself with work of this kind

To watch the voice actors with a voice engineer mind

And see the anime and cartoons breathe life.


Leaning towards the microphone

I say, "Okay, for this one, he's on his own."

And the man in the recording booth becomes solemn.

The character on the screen,

Suffering from what he has seen,

Screams in misery, alone.


This job, I see, almost as a loophole

To the life long goals...

Of my parents.

"You be doctor, you be engineer,"

They say, only concerned with how to pay a mansion's rent.


Voice engineering, as I see

Sure fits under their dream categories,

But not quite a salary as the big name engineers.

With a life filled with fun and content with all the voice employees

I wouldn't care about any higher paying, unenjoyable careers.


With a few strokes of a keyboard

And the animated voice of an actor singing such a harmonious chord

My life could be changed

For good.



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