Sun, 04/28/2019 - 09:18 -- Caylah

T H U G L I F EThe hate you give. The hate you, the hate we, foster.  As children what’s given to us as seeds, the lessons that are implemented in our roots at an early age, whatever they maybe, grow into something that will eventually blossom sometimes for the better, but ultimately for the worse. T H U G L I F EThe hate you give. The hate you, the hate we, learn. The talk that was given to me as a child, is the same talk so many parents have to give to their children. The talk, is the same talk that reminded me to keep my hands on the dashboard if we’re ever pulled over. In this same talk I was also reminded to not make any movements, or I’ll seem suspect. This same talk determines life or death. At the tender age of three, I was hit with the harsh truth known as reality of what it could or could potentially be, because there isn’t any in between. Having this talk, generation after generation, is the same reason why we become fearful. Which later translates into hate, which most people don’t understand because we have fear put in us from the time we’re children because of our race. It’s mind boggling to believe this country is a safe haven for some but a prison for others; because if all lives mattered, we wouldn’t still have to remind you that ours do.T H U G L I F E The hate you give. The hate you, the hate we tolerate. The indescribable amounts of violence, bigotry hate crimes against our kind. All the stories begin to sound the same, the only difference is that the victim has a different name.  There’re so many unspoken issues we avoid, we confine ourselves from the truth no matter how evident it may be. There’s truth bursting at the seams, nothing gets talked about, nothing gets discussed, nothing gets resolved so when is enough going to become enough.  Somehow, we become so offended by the truth. but can you really be offended by the truth that always been there? It’s impossible to make our future brighter if we keep allowing hate to make the present as detrimental as the past. We have so many more ways to still go, and honestly, we’re our only hope. T H U G L I F E The hate we foster The hate we learn The hate we tolerate Becomes the hate you give.T H U G L I F E            

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