You say you love me but I don't believe you do.

You leave me time after time frequently ,but if you need me its

Hey bae how are you.

After the long messages and the thoughts on my mind seem not enough for you.

Because I still wonder where your time goes because it doesn't go to me.

So makes me think who's it going to.

Time after time I reminisce on all the bad you ever did and ask myself Why, only to be to later to say goodbye.

Love is burial ,everyone fighting for the unity of a life to combine in theirs  thoughts

thinking it would make a better life.

It slips our mind on how delicate our heart can really be taking every beat for granted only to listen and not hear a beat.

Time is ticking the bomb sure enough will explode instead of landing on you it will explode on the whole world.

Hope you have faith because the grasps will zoom by your hands only making you lose time that you never really had to begin


MVP-Most Valuable Poet


spoke truth dearly

invest your time to something/someone that worth pursuing


Yes you so right that's why i had to let go and find someone who willing to love me and treat me like the young lady i am 

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