Time and Time again


United States
34° 28' 43.824" N, 114° 20' 45.7008" W

Elastic omnipotent force that echoes through the universe
illusion of transcendence The ever seeing that which knows no existence,
immaculate quantization light entering my window making its way into my lens entering the pupil of my eye, engorging my souls with what ifs and what must where our path is projected by faith
decisions that make us the same
yet passes through eroding the withered cells of every organism,
testing speeds and values making all top contenders fall before it
yet nurturing bosom of contemplation moving all pertinences to a final
and then begin,
that which makes the fruit fall from the tallest of
trees and, seeds the size of pennies growing fifty feet perpetual
chronometer marking our birth reminding us of our inevitable end.
oh time how I cherish today , the tomorrow I learned about yesterday.

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