Time Is Ticking, It's Up To You If You Want To Make A Difference.


My mother time is ticking,
Her time is running out,
The moment my life will change forever,
The sorrow and pain that will last forever.

My family abandoned me,
Left me homeless on the streets,
They didn't care where I was and that
I didn't have any food to eat.

On my path of giving up,
Looking for the right exit suddenly God lifted me up;
I wish my mother were still alive,
so she can see how she has a big impact on my life.

I saved so many lives,
I prevented 25 people from committing suicide,
I have had a big impact on my community, I have teens, children, and even adults
That look up to me, They know that I’m willing to do anything and everything,
To help and make a difference in my community .

Even if it means I have to risk my own life,
Just living in this sinful world I risk it all the time.
I snatched the curtain,
I pulled up the blind because I want everyone to see how I live my life.

If you are there for someone when they are struggling,
You can change that person's life and
They will do the same for other people.
Then this world will move in a positive direction.
Time is ticking. It’s up to you if you want to make a difference.


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