The Tiny Kitchen Maid

The Tiny Kitchen Maid

By Kaelynn Calac

She be nimble,  she be small

Her smile bright, complection dull

With eyes of ice and hair of straw

That Tiny Kitchen Maid

She works all day, spares her play

Shoos that mice and rats away

From her mother, she will fray

That Tiny Kitchen Maid

She dreams of something bigger

Of nords, and their great dinners

Of something bigger, she will consider

That Tiny Kitchen Maid

Dreams of freedom, dreams of peace

In tiny cabin where she sleeps

With her mother on soiled sheets, and beds made of straw

That Tiny Kitchen Maid

No more scrubbing kitchen floors

Her mother dreading on all fours

Similar dreams to mine and your's

That Tiny Kitchen Maid

She'll dream of a day, that never comes

No Harpes, no lutes, no sound of drums

Signifying the end of her commission

That Tiny Kitchen Maid


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Our world
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Wow a lovely poem on a maid aspiring to be fortunate and free in the future. Written swell. Super cool rhyming in places. Thumbs up.

I'm a new poet here but have been writing for sites for ages and they enjoyed so I hope u will too. Pls do review my latest poem too, even a one line will do