By: the dog
It's sad cuz my favorite movie is the titanic.
Because I like to think that I'm a hopeless romantic.
I cut lose and open the schematics to my heart.
That's why it's all to quick and easy for it to all just fall apart.
I give my all right off the back to cause a reaction then I settle in.
Like a microwave nuking some rice.
I fail a lot but shoot I'd like to think I'm nice.
Grab the cooler toss in the ice there now you got a case with my heart in it.
Place it in the sun watch it melt that's my heart when I let love up in it.
I stare at you and gaze at you like your the stars at night.
You give my morning light.
I stay awake just thinking of all the things to you I might do.
My minds just one big obstacle melting in a squared off room.
People think they know me they say they got me pinned.
Well they're not the referee so don't count me out cuz if you do your confidence is why I'm going to win.
See I'm no helpless romantic.
I'm just a guy who would wait on a girl hand and feet.
But that's not all I am I'm assertive when I need to be.
I'm no push over go ahead try me I got no enemies because those who tried me.
Got pushed of the ledge now they see no sides.
Dead with crooked eyes see my crooked smile.
Just to get Wat I want I'd walk on rice barefoot for up to 6,000 hours.
So what would you do for success not fame.
Name it because to be successful I would do most anything.

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