Toby vs. Timmy

  You know what grinds my gears I have a little brother who I must force to comprehend the fact that in this day and age BLACK LIVES DONT MATTEROr at least to the white man they don't Now when I say "white man" I don't just mean Donald trump or bill Clinton I mean that Caucasian lady that held her purse a little closer when you sat next to her on the train I mean that little boy who's with his dad that stares at you on the train as if you're a different breed of humanIt grinds my gears that no matter how good we do we will never matter  BLACK LIVES DONT MATTERto these damn pigs I have to force my brother to comprehend life is not a game It is no longer playfulness and joy but it is serious all because I don't want him to end up shot, dead  BLACK LIVES DONT MATTERNo matter how you put it as long as the white man has power we are a spec on a map of trillions of others. Doesn't mean we don't stop fighting But PLEASE I beg of you don't tell me that I'm the future I don't want to be future  BLACK LIVES DONT MATTER don't tell me that our black society is great because we're not The issue starts at home Teach your kids manners I have yet to come across ANY African American male that has disrespected his mother But will sling cuss words everyone else's wayYetTimmy threatens Martha everyday over her car keys and bobs 6 figure check  BLACK LIVES MATTER WHITE PRIVILEGE IS ALIVE stay awaken . 



Great message you're trying to put out there, but you could improve your poem's presentation by a long shot. Try breaking down this giant paragraph into something a bit more readable, like pressing ENTER every three lines or so.


due to the fact that I'm using my mobile device I'm not allowed to put spaces but I'll fix it whenever I get the chance