Together, Hand in Hand

Fri, 09/26/2014 - 17:05 -- ecimase

Always, I wish to be

By the you I have come to know

Can’t help but wait and see

The girl whose happiness shows

Though your smile rarely falters

I cannot help but wonder

About the intricacies of your

Lack of love, and lover

Still, through your spirit

And the beating of my heart

Could I ever possibly win?

Well, this is a humble start

To be with you now

Is all I could ever desire

What could make be happier?

Than being with you forever

What else could bring such joy?

Or sadness when you’re down

My heart yearns for you

Your company and love

What more can I do?

To win your heart? Your love?

This wish of mine

Maybe it will come true

Still, it is not the time

For you to say “I do”

For now, I can hope

Not only hope, but wish

That there will come a time

When you can be my

Lover and sweetheart

And the two of us

We can always stand

Together, hand in hand


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