Torment- My Own Creation

Sun, 01/28/2018 - 16:09 -- Ilsemay

Fear is my silent companion

An expert in hiding

It knows to hide when I am strong

To wait until I weaken to strike


In the days that I face the sun

Only a whisper of a doubt remains

But I am a fool

A shadow may never leave you


It grows strong when I grow strong

And in this twisting fate

I scream to be free



I let my dreams stay quiet in my mind

Never voiced

Never given life

Thus they can never die


Hope has always been a friend

Or is it an enemy?


If I never give life to dreams 

I can hope forever

That one day they may be strong enough to never die


I am a fool

What can never die

Never truly lives




Fear of hope

Fear of hoping my dreams may come to life

I sit and watch the world go by


Tears are not enough to express the way I die inside


I slowly build to turn fear into my strength

That fear of a world where I stifled my dreams

May drive me to set them free




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