Translation Please

Voices wander along the wind 

Across land and sea

Restricted, blocked, impeeded

Distorted, defomed, misshapen


Entire worlds remain locked away

Keys distributed to a lucky few

Words imprinted on them

"Remember to sharpen"

Some heed this warning others don't

Their keys dull and rust with time

Still others past the point of no return

For them the doors close and relock


Back to square one

No receiving signal from the other side

Struggling communication

Silence and a smile with mumbled apologies

The message is lost


One world comprised of many big and small

Many languages abound

Endless opportunities abroad

But few master this skill

Leaving walls to form for many


A sword is drawn

The barrier attacked

With one strike it cracked

Shattering and reveling a new world

Communication built 

Country to country

Continent to Continent

Language connects the world


All it took was drive to master the skill

As time passes those wiith skill age and wither

And a new set of youngsters must arise

With a staircase of challenges set before them


Now a young one stands at the bottom of a staircase

With a desire to travel

Burning hotter than the sun

A love for challenges

Innate within the soul

But all around questions surround

Will she make it?

How will she get the funds?

Who will support her?

Once again she finds her own answer

Through countless hours of research

Ready she turns from the staircase

Not to run--no to forge her own path

With an outstretched hand she asks

"Will you help me take the first step?"

A smile adorns her lips as she awaits the reply



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