Transparent curtains

Tue, 08/19/2014 - 12:19 -- sm123sm


Covered, veiled, hidden, but strong,

Your thoughts about me are probably wrong,

Mother, daughter, wife, most importantly – BELIEVER

Uniform on the outside, but inside I am FREER –

Than most, who fail to understand the benefits

Walk in my shoes, taste tacit knowledge instead of the explicit….

"O ye women, wrap close your cloak,

So you won't be bothered by ignorant folk", 

Man does not tell me to dress this way,

It is a Law from Allaah that I obey,

The curtain I wear represents my Beliefs, ideals, values – Motivation

Fully covering from head to toe is the beginning of liberation

Tomorrow isn’t promised today, so reform your yesterdays

Let go and let your soul rise, humbled faces on the ground – pray

I am behind the curtain and you are in front,

But we are both free women, grown and adult…

With tall slender legs that walk fast…. hands that create, give, and earn

Eyes watch and observe, a mind that absorbs and learns,

Lips that can speak ideas in different languages,

We are alike but my wounds cannot heal with bandages….

I am not western, eastern, rebellious, or trying to fit in

I’ve simply got my eyes on the final prize that I’m trying to win.

Like you, I too have a voice so I will be heard,

From behind my curtain my heart-filled words,

I know – I chose to tread this path not many follow,

but my mind is focused on all of the tomorrows:

My Masters degree, my childrens decree,

keeping my house clean, and cooking delicious curry.

But you fail to see ME…and my appearance makes you enthralled,

so from my head you decide to try to pry of my shawl....

Please don’t hate me when you see people like me,

Hidden behind a curtain but still visible for everyone to see.

Instead, take the time to understand the message it’s not controversial - rather universal,

And in humanity we’re siblings, for love really can conquer all, back to Adam full-circle

know the truth and seek knowledge,

i'm not talking about being educated from college,

cause history and math can only go so far,

When we find our roots, then we will really know who we are…

Until then it is really you hiding behind a curtain...

Thank you for considering a glimpse to my story’s version.

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